Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A new name - a new look

I'm in the process of making some changes to my blog.  It already looks quite different doesn't it?
If you received this post via email, you can click on the name of my blog - at the very bottom of the email - to go directly to my blog and see the changes  :o)

I've changed the name, once more.  I know...AGAIN?  At the time that I chose She Loves to Make Art, it seemed to be a good fit.  But over time it didn't seem to fit my outlook on crafting.  It sounded waaaay to serious.  Crafting is so much fun and I need my blog name to reflect that.


I'm looking at it 2 ways.  At times, putting off my crafting time until my "chores" are done.  Or...putting off those chores, to have time to create!   It all depends on the situation, you see.

My blog's URL won't change.  It will still be www.susiewittwer.com.  But the name in my blog header will change from She Loves To Make Art to...Procraftination.  You'll  probably want to update your bookmark or favorites link.  Oh.  And I'll be keeping this blog name for a long, long time.  Enough changes already!

I'm really, really hoping that this transition will go smoothly (and that I don't mess up anything in the process!).  So I hope you'll bear with me during this construction phase.  Please let me know if you run into any issues or problems with my blog.  You can leave a comment or contact me via the email link in my sidebar.

Many thanks to all of my followers.  I appreciate your loyalty - and your patience!
Susie Wittwer


  1. WOW, maybe I need to shake things up myself, I find it all a little scary though lol.

  2. Susie, I finally managed to come and check out your blog!! Thank you for all the recent comments on my blog, you are so sweet! Your cards are gorgeous, you do such beautiful work - I am so glad I popped by!!


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