Sunday, March 29, 2015

Encouragement Cards - Just because!

I'm sharing a few encouragement cards that I made this afternoon.  I had the house to myself this afternoon.  I needed quite time.  Just me and my craft supplies.  No tv.  No music.  Just the sounds of my paper trimmer and stamps tapping against ink pads.  Oh.  The occasional crank of the Sizzix Big Kick, too.  :)

I've been creating encouragement cards for a few weeks now.  I leave them (usually anonymously) on the desks of my co-workers.  I'll write a few words of encouragement or a happy greeting on the back of each one.
Since I'm one of the first ones to get there, very early in the morning, it's easy to sneak these cards onto the recipients desks.  Fun, too!

Anyway, I just took a few quick photos of today's 5 cards.  I didn't even go downstairs to my photo tent for these, so please excuse the busy background in my family room.

A group shot.
And the individual cards.  These are each 3" x 5" and do not fold.  Just a front and back.
This is a CASE of a card designed by Maile Belles.

I began with the yellow butterfly card, which is a direct CASE of one designed by Maile Belles.  You can see it HERE on her blog.
Several of the other cards were inspired by her techniques or layouts.  I love her clean and simple, but "wow" style.

Thanks so much for taking a look!


  1. These are all lovely, sure to cheer anyone's day.

  2. I'll bet your co-workers really appreciate this kind gesture, and these cards are so wonderful Susie, I especially love that fab yellow butterfly! It's been so nice catching up on your blog, for some reason you had dropped off my reader grrrr, I swear I will never understand these computer / social media things... lol.


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